Top 10 economies urged to adopt UK-style anti-slavery laws

Campaigners have praised the UK’s anti slavery law and urged other countries to adopt similar legislation.

Walk Free Foundation’s Global Slavery Index said the top 10 economies in the world should adopt legislation “at least as strong as the UK Modern Slavery Act 2015”.

The report said the UK’s law had “helped to put the issue of modern slavery in supply chains front and centre for businesses operating in the UK” and top economies needed to set aside resources to ensure businesses “were held to account”.

The Global Slavery Index is an annual report that aims to quantify the number of people in modern slavery around the world. Based on thousands of interviews conducted across the globe, as well as government statistics, the index estimates that there are 45.8m modern slaves worldwide.

This is an increase on previous estimates, which the report attributes to a more accurate measurement of the prevalence of slavery rather than an actual increase.

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