Interims – A flexible short, medium and long term recruitment solution

Many of our Interim Consultants have made a career choice and have set up their own limited company in order to offer a flexible procurement solution to a range of organisations.

Whether you are looking for specific skills or experience, we have an extensive database of qualified and often specialist procurement professionals who can be provided at relatively short notice to help solve short, medium or long-term recruitment gaps. Our Interim Consultants can be an invaluable source of support for those organisations that don’t need a full-time permanent procurement resource.

Our Consultants have undertaken assignments in all sectors, both public and private and at all levels within an organisation. By building long-term relationships with clients and Procurement Consultants alike, we continue to enjoy a successful track record for providing a quality service in these most important business areas.

Interims – A Cost Effective Solution:

When we propose an Interim as an immediate Recruitment Solution, a common response from our clients is that they “can’t afford to hire an interim”, where perhaps they should be saying “I can’t afford not to hire” an experienced interim.

Interims can and do play a vital part in delivering procurement transformation & change in organisations where they perhaps don’t have the internal resource or expertise. Bringing in external short or long-term specialist interim expertise & resource to deliver specific programmes is often a cost benefit or at worse cost neutral when comparing cost v return on investment (ROI).

  • Interims have already got the T-shirt, a proven track record of successfully delivering similar programmes & projects across multiple clients & industries.
  • True interims not only deliver end to end programmes but will also leave a legacy – upskilling incumbents to continue delivery when their contract comes to an end. This is paramount as an interim’s reputation rests on their track record of delivery and as the saying goes, you are only as good as your last assignment – they live and die by their reputation.

Re costs and Interim’s being more expensive than permanent – I can debunk the argument as not necessarily so. When considering permanent employee costs it is not just the Basic Salary, you need to also take into account the total rewards package. Additional remuneration benefits can include: Car/Car Allowance, Bonus, Private Health, Share Options, Long-term Incentive Scheme & Pension benefits as well as Holiday Pay, Sick Pay, Employers National Insurance costs etc

  • Bonus: majority of roles at a senior level have some element of performance related pay built into their permanent employee benefits package and typically amounts to c20-30% of salary.
  • Holiday pay: permanent employees receive paid holiday (20-30 days a year excluding bank holidays) whereas Interims don’t and are only paid for the days they work.
  • National insurance: many clients forget to build this significant cost into any calculations – currently 13.8% of salary.
  • Notice: your typical permanent employee has a notice period of between 1 and 3 months where as an interims is usually 1-4 weeks.

The end result is that as mentioned before interims often cost an organisation less in real terms and in many cases their cost is far outweighed by their return on investment (ROI).

So, if you are looking for an interim contact us now – if you are or want to be a professional interim, register now.