GPA’s Code of Good Recruitment Practice

GPA’s Code of Good Recruitment Practice

GPA complies with the provisions of the 1973 Employment Agencies Act as amended by the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003.  We also fully comply with all relevant and up to date Employment legislation.


GPA will ensure:

  • at all times, that their staff comply with the above legislation and any future amendments and relevant statutory codes etc;
  • that their staff are fully trained to carry out their duties effectively and that they seek to continually improve the performance of their staff by continuing development of their knowledge and skills;
  • that their staff deals with and represents themselves to candidates and clients fairly, openly, honestly and at all times courteously and will safeguard against actions deemed to bring the recruitment industry into disrepute;
  • that temporary and contract workers supplied to clients are eligible to work in the UK.  When introducing candidates for permanent or fixed term positions to be directly employed by the client, GPA will ensure that candidates and clients are aware of any eligibility criteria and that all parties comply with equal opportunities legislation and safeguard against unlawful discrimination, in particular, on the grounds of race, age, disability or ethnic origin etc;
  • that any selection tests used, including psychometric and personality questionnaires, are relevant and properly validated;
  • staff document accurately and appropriately all stages of the recruitment process, including the results of interviews and tests.

Advertisements and online recruitment

GPA will ensure:

  • that all advertisements are accurate and that all descriptions, claims and comparisons are capable of substantiation;
  • that all specific vacancies advertised, including those displayed on GPA’s website, have been registered with GPA by the client and are available at the time of going to press, or being put on display.  Filled vacancies will be removed from display as soon as is reasonably practicable;
  • that the express agreement of candidates has been obtained before a CV or any personal details which might identify the candidate, are displayed on GPA’s website;
  • that no personal details or details which might identify the candidate, such as name of their current employer, should be displayed in any open website;
  • all recruitment methods will be considered when deciding where to place an advertisement, e.g. job boards, press advertisements, careers and job centres;
  • that staff will not extract CV’s from websites for display or submission to clients without the express agreement of the owner of the CV.

GPA’s duties to Clients

GPA will:

  • on initial contact with a client, provide clear and accurate information about the services we provide, including, but not limited to, clear written terms of business;
  • only submit to a client details of those candidates who have agreed that their details may be passed on to that client;
  • either carry out a comprehensive and structured phone or face-to-face interview prior to submitting a candidate’s details to a client;
  • not approach a candidate with a view to placing that candidate elsewhere if a placement fee has already been received from the client unless the client agrees to that approach;
  • all campaigns are monitored to ensure that they are managed in a fair and reasonable manner, i.e. collecting, analysing and reporting on job application information where available;
  • at all times observe the duty of confidentiality to the client throughout the recruitment process.

GPA’s duties to Candidates

GPA will:

  • upon registration of a candidate, provide clear and accurate information about the services we offer;
  • ensure we obtain from our client all relevant information relating to the position in question;
  • pay temporary and contract workers promptly and efficiently and in accordance with our contract the temporary or contract worker.  In the event of any unavoidable delay in payment, the temporary or contract worker will be informed immediately of the reason for the delay, steps to be taken to resolve late payment and likely timescale for resolution of the reason for late payment;
  • inform temporary or contract workers in writing before an assignment commences that, if the client engages them direct during or within an agreed period after the end of the assignment, the client may either be charged a fee or the period of the assignment may be extended before the temporary or contract worker can take up work direct without charge to the client;
  • agree with candidates the procedure for submitting their details to clients. GPA will not disclose a candidate’s identity or identifiable employment details to a client without first obtaining the candidate’s express permission, unless the candidate has agreed in advance that GPA may do otherwise;
  • at all times treat information about candidates confidentially;
  •  keep ‘active’ candidates informed of progress throughout the recruitment process, this will include but is not limited to, agreed timescales regarding telephone calls, emails and other correspondence;
  • when asked to obtain references, make it clear to all candidates that we will not approach a current employer without first seeking the candidate’s permission to do so.

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